Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes incredible things happen.

Like being first in line for fresh, hot donuts, on a chilly morning. Chocolate glazed, of course.

And sometimes.. they don't.

When you flip the box of donuts on your passenger seat, smearing all that chocolate on the lid.

Life isn’t perfect.

But sometimes not perfect is exactly what you need.

Sitting in your car, licking the lid like a heathen. Sucking every last morsel of chocolate into your mouth as if it is the only thing that will get you through the hellacious day you are facing. Never mind all the eyes in the parking lot scrutinizing why you now have chocolate lodged up your nose. This is real life.

It's why i write

to tell these stories

I was never good with language. Grammar and spelling are hard for me. But I was always good at telling stories. I love the satisfaction from getting a laugh from people. It drives me. I have always turned to humor when life hands me crap. There is nothing more satisfying than laughing at the absurdities in life. Which is exactly what happened one New Year's Eve, when my date cancelled. I called my best friend and within minutes had her cracking up over my situation. She said, "You have no plans for the night, why don't you finally write me a story where in the end everything does work out." I mulled it over for hours, and ten minutes before midnight I started writing. For three weeks I wrote and wrote. At work. After work. Into the wee hours of night. I wrote every chance I got. I sent her chapter after chapter. It wasn't easy. I struggled, and researched, and taught myself.

I made mistakes.


Got up.

Pushed forward.

Made it all work.

The journey had moments of defeat and moments of elation, and when all the pieces finally settled,

I had written a book.

Perfect or not.

I fill my stories with imperfect characters who are just trying to make it all work. Characters who fight for what they want. Make fools of themselves. Characters who laugh at themselves. And hopefully, characters who can make you laugh, too.

Please enjoy!